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We are a passionate group of people who strive hard to preserve the cultural heritage of India.  India’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage is extremely diverse, rich and ancient.  The value of the tangible heritage such as paintings and sculptures has been quite well acknowledged.  However less visible forms of cultural heritage pertaining to traditional arts, music, dance and folk traditions have not received much attention. Hence we thought of this beautiful idea of renting stunning dance costumes all over the United States.

We have several dazzling, tantalizing costumes originated from North India and Kerala. We work with reputable costume designers in Mumbai who provides costumes for Bollywood movies.

Variations of Folk, Guajarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi and Kerala style are available for renting. Bharatnatyam costumes also add to this collection.  There are a variety of costumes available to fit all ages from 6 through adult. We expect your support.


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