FAQ / Rental Policies      
Costume rental fees allow one (1) week use of costumes and accessories starting on Tuesdays. Costumes can be picked up on Tuesday or later but must be returned/shipped by Tuesday after your event.
Costumes may NOT be cut, dyed, painted or permanently altered without written permission from Desi Rentals. Tape, iron-on bonding web, glue or any other type of adhesives may NOT be used on costumes. All alterations must be sewn by hand only.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or to limit the number of items rented. A minimum no. of costumes is required for rental.
Please make check payable to "Desi Rentals ".
Credit Card payment will charge 3% processing fee.
Security Deposit and Refunds
All rentals require a $ 50 security deposit to be paid at the time of the rental.
Deposits will be credited towards your final charges when the rental is complete. A rental is considered complete when all items are returned.
There are NO REFUNDS for cancelled costumes.
Damage charges of $25 and UP will be assessed for permanent stains or any other damage that renders the costume not rentable.
Major damage to costumes, including irreparable tears, major seam damage, damage from pins, or irreversible alterations will be assessed at the replacement value of the costume $75 and UP.
Lost costumes will be assessed a lost costume fee of the replacement value of the costume $75 and up.
All costumes must be returned in original condition. No permanent alterations can be made (such as cutting a hem, replacing hooks with a zipper, dyeing, etc.)
Shipping and Returns
We ship all over United States
All shipping charges are paid by customer. Costumes will be shipped only if complete payment is received.
There will be a $10.00 late fee, per day, per costume if the costumes are not mailed by the Tuesday after your event.
Late fees will also be charged on costumes that are not received within 10 days after the event.


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